AAR: Eric Holder 9/11 Terror Trial Protest, Roosevelt, Long Island

Attorney General Eric Holder came to Roosevelt, Long Island today, and patriots were there to greet him!

9/11 family members, veterans, FDNY, NYPD and tea party patriots turned out to make his visit memorable!

He came to speak at the Memorial Presbyterian Church where his brother is a member.  Dozens of protesters lined Babylon Turnpike to greet him when his two SUV’s came to the church.  He snuck in and out of the back door, but we’re sure he was surprised on his arrival when he saw everyone there on the street with flags and signs!

More pictures are here.

The Silent Majority has pictures from inside the church.

Here’s A video from Project Shining City:

Here’s a montage of the Holder 1st Amendment suppresion and speech:

More on the Holder/FALN connection!

More on the Holder/New Black Panther Party connectionWe wrote about this here.

More Videos of the protest!

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Here’s a great video, posted at Michelle Malkin, from the protest in NYC on December 5th!

  1. 1 Gateway Pundit

    […] came out in the rain to greet Attorney General Holder to Long Island today. Gathering of Eagles New York has photos. Remember the […]

  2. 2 Michelle Malkin » New Yorkers won’t let Eric Holder forget

    […] Gathering of Eagles NY has photos and video of a citizen protest against Holder’s terrorist-coddling policies. […]

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