AAR: PGR Snowball Express Mission 2009

While New York slept the Patriot Guard Riders were out in cold driving rain on a mission to escort Gold Star Families from our area to JFK Airport for the Snowball Express excursion to Texas!

The mission started with a 4:00 am arrival at the airport hotel where many of the families were staying.

As the families began coming downstairs we had a chance to fraternize while we loaded their luggage into the bus.

It was wonderful for all involved to be able to spend a few minutes talking with these who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

Here is the video of the meetup, escort and arrival at the airport:

American Airline and the Snowball Express folks did a fabulous job of making the families welcome and easing their way through the normal airport mayhem!  The Marines, Santa and a Snowman even turned out to assist!

Here’s video from the breakfast:

And the Familes Board the Aircraft!

More Pictures Here and Here and Here!

Report on Snowball Express from the Dallas Business Journal!

Ride Captain Jim McElroy did a flawless job!  Special thanks to Alice for the link to her pictures!

Lurch was a hit handing out the PGR pins to the kids…  One Question though… Were those TEXAS PGR Pins!?!?!

Here’s a video for the Snowball Express:


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