Climategate: Rationalists Hold Counter Conference in Copenhagen!

Climate Rationalists, also called skeptics, are holding a Counter-Conference in Copenhagen to lay out the climate facts!

They challenge the Global Warmists to prove their allegations with science so they can be debunked using science!

Sounds like a plan to us, though I doubt it will get any traction in the media!

Here is an overview:

Here’s an interview!

And Another:

At the Global Warming Cult Conference Saudi Arabia spoke out against the proceedings specifically citing the revelations of climategate:

Belief in Global Warming has now fallen to less than 50% of the U.S. population.

CNN’s Campbell Brown and John Roberts interview Stephen McIntyre, Chris Horner, and true believer Michael Oppenheimer about Climategate:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Phil Jones Snake Oil Huckster!

More good coverage here!

Climategate:  The Ends Justify The Means – First Sign of Corruption in Society

Climategate: New Red Scare Over Green Lies!

More on the EPA move against the U.S. economy here!

An example of Data Fudging from Darwin Australia!


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