Climategate: EPA Moves To Take Over US Economy

The statists at the EPA have made their bid for control of the economy of the United States of America and destroy any semblance of rights of American citizens.

Here is the EPA announcement:

Here is Senator Inhofe’s response:

Glen Beck interviews David Kreutzer of the Heritage Foundation:

If you have not yet woken to the fact that all American liberties are under assault by this Statist regime your time is rapidly running out.

The EPA announced this in the face of the climategate revelations about fraud and deceit in the climate science arena by the key proponents of Global Warming, and the overwhelming evidence that mankind is not the cause of climate change.  We are truly being slipped into the chains of slavery by the know nothings of the left wing.

Here’s the lame White House justification for the EPA announcement:

It’s not our fault, the Supreme Court made us do it!

Here the EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, says that there is nothing to the Climategate scandal:

Earth to Jackson, Read This!

More:  The EPA’s War On Carbon!

More at Hot Air!

Related Copenhagen reporting!

Alfonzo Rachel weighs in:

Charles Krauthammer predicts Revolution!


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