Google Dictionary, Politically Biased

Google Dictionary is one of the new products Google recently unveiled.

Intrigued, because I frequently look for definitions, sometimes referring to a huge Oxford dictionary on a stand in my office, I decided to give it a test run.

Since many of my writings end up exposing a political bent, I decided to test some basic political terms.

We’ll start with an easy one:  Nazi,  Everyone knows what a Nazi is don’t they?  After all it has been used or overused enough in our political discourse quite frequently during the George W. Bush Presidency.  Here is Google’s definiton:

Right Wing?  Let’s see now… Their name was the National Socialist Party wasn’t it?  Google didn’t tell me that in the definition, but I was educated before the current era of history reconstruction and I remember well what I was taught.  Socialists are left wing aren’t they?  Let’s go back to Google:

I thought so.  Political Correctness is exemplified in their mislabeling of Nazis as right wing.  Sorry Google you got it wrong.

Now let’s look for some lesser known terms.  Hmmm.  How about Stalinist, or Leninist or even Maoist?  Nope, Google draws blanks on all of those even though they are descriptive terms for communist factions.

Oh, But Wait!!

Google does have a term for one communist faction!  Trotskyist!

Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky were all contemporaries, all communists, all involved in the Russian Revolution, and all have had factions that were described by their names with -ist appended.  So why of all of these is only Trotskyist defined?  The least known? The one that didn’t ever actually hold power in a Communist country?  That didn’t murder millions?

Well lets look at some historical facts.  Leon Trotsky was the second most powerful man in the revolutionary communist party in Russia.  When Lenin died in 1924, a power struggle erupted between Stalin and Trotsky.  Not being as much a psychopath as Stalin, and losing the struggle, Trotsky fled Russia and eventually moved to a quiet street in Mexico City.  Stalin’s agents tracked him down.  They attempted to assasinate him on May 24, 1940, but failed.  They tried again on August 20, 1940, and succeeded, brutally assasinating him with an ice pick in the skull.

Trotsky was vilified by Stalin and his record was never ‘rehabilitated’ by the soviet government so he remains a pariah to communists.  Thus he and his followers can be mentioned as revolutionary left wingers, but none of the others get a reference.

If one were a suspicious man one might think that the definitions in Google are skewed to the ideological definitions of the radical left.

But don’t take my word for it.  Try it yourself.


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