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The Lancet, a once respected and prestigious British Medical Journal, has sold its credibility and its reputation cheaply once again.

The last time was when it developed and published a fake survey of Iraq war deaths at the behest of George SorosThat survey was proven to be wildly in error.

Skip forward to 2009 and the Lancet is at it again!  This time hyping the medical benefits of fighting mythical global warming.

Just as in the earlier fake research, the global warming cabal is refusing to make the details of their work known to the public and other professional organizations. Why the secrecy?  Perhaps because it is all mystical.

The pattern of faking, lying, publicizing, and cover up, is endemic to the hard left in the world.  For them the ends justify the means and the prospect of controlling every aspect of life for all the billions of people in the world is a goal too great to allow plebian matters like truth to get in the way.

The Lancet appears to have decided that it is no longer a publication interested in truth, a sad requiem for a medical journal.

This time around the funding is from the Wellcome Trust, another ‘philanthropic’ trust overtaken by radical lefties.

They must have had to stretch a bit to fit the faux Global Warming agenda into their mission: “funding research to improve human and animal health“.  Although that is not too difficult for an organization that has a Sanger Institute!

Perhaps their global warming suggestions will enable them to practice more of the eugenics Margaret Sanger was a proponent of?

After all, take away the Man and there can be no Man Made Global Warming!

Surprise, Surprise:

Obama Science Czar John Holdren Involved in Climategate Scandal

Who’s Who of the Fraudsters is here.

Now Hugo Chavez and the South American Socialists are demanding a piece of the action!

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