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Do You Remember?

If not, you might want to watch thisIt is permanently linked under favorites in our blogroll for a reason.

On Saturday, December 5, 2009, at Noon in Foley Square on the steps of the Federal Courthouse, The Gathering of Eagles will join with the 911 Never Forget Coalition, 911 family members, FDNY and NYPD personnel, Tea Party Patriots and thousands of Americans for whom the attack on 911, the worst attack on American soil in history, is more than just a man made disaster.

We intend to provide a very large, very voluble and very visible rebuke to Eric Holder and the Obama adminstration.

Bring flags, bring signs, bring loud voices!

Who: 911 Never Forget, 911 Family Members, FDNY, NYPD and more!

What: Stop The Terror Trial in NYC Rally

Where: Federal Court, Foley Square, Manhattan


When: Saturday, December 5, 2009, Noon

The 911 Never Forget Coalition held a press conference in Battery Park today.

Among the speakers was Peter Regan:

Peter is the son of my friend Don Regan of FDNY Rescue 3 who was killed on 911.

Peter is also a fireman and a United States Marine who has served two combat tours overseas.  The son of a hero is himself a hero in his own right.

Too Funny and Too True!

Thanks to Minnesotans For4 Global Warming!

On a more serious note here is an interview with Tim Ball, retired climatologist, discussing the Global Warming Fraud!

Here’s a Rogues’ Gallery of some of the fraudsters!

More here, here, here and here.

Competitive Enterprise Institute files lawsuit against NASA for coverup!

And on the lighter side…

The Warrior Legacy Institute has created some excellent short videos that get you up to speed on who and how we are fighting the war.

Who we are Fighting, the Pakistani Tribal Areas:

A Counter Terrorism Primer:

And a more specific Population Centric Counter Insurgent Primer:

Megan Ortegas gives a first hand account of the counter insurgency operations in the tribal areas from back in April:

It is important to view the last video to see what effect the operations are having on the ground and what improvements would have the greatest effect.  It is also important to note that the president has made no decision yet, months later, on the recommendations of his chosen commander, General McChrystal, to increase troop strength to extend counter insurgency operations.  More recommendations from General McChrystal are discussed here.