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Lynne Stewart, a probable enabler of the 911 attacks, was finally told to start serving her sentence for her conviction on aiding and abetting terrorism.

The unrepentent Stewart lost her appeal of the conviction.  She was disbarred from practicing law in New York, although that did not keep Hoftsra University from having her join a panel on ‘Legal Ethics’.

Patriots in New York protested outside one of her fundraising ‘gloat’ sessions all the way back in December 2006.  Friends like Ward Chruchill were present.

For selling out her country she got only 28 months, pathetic.  Hopefully a review will upgrade that to 28 years or more.

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The ABA story is here.

Now if they would just prosecute “Pinch” Sulzberger and Bill Keller of the New York Times…

Here Keller adjusts a picture of his hero in the Times office:

A friend of mine sent me this story of his time in the Marine Corps.  Read through to the end, it’s a shocker.

Another crappy day in paradise, or The things you see when you ain’t got a gun.

Hawaii is a wonderful place. My father was stationed there in 1945 or so, working at Wahiawa Naval Communications Station on Oahu . When I joined the Marines in 1977, one of my personal goals was to travel as much as he did, at least try to. I was lucky enough to get stationed in a unit that deployed on ship at least once a year to distant places from the Atlantic Ocean . In 1978, I traveled to northern Europe; to Germany, Scotland, Norway and Holland.

In 1979, while waiting for the next deployment, this time to the Mediterranean Sea and to Turkey , all of a sudden we were told of orders to Okinawa , another place where my unit had a permanent presence at, Marine Corps Air Station, Futenma. Well, I didn’t want to go to Okinawa, I wanted to go to Turkey ! I wanted the Med, I could get orders to Okinawa, or “The Rock” as we called it anytime in my 4 year tour. So I passed on that deal.

3 days later, Staff Sergeant Day approached our work detail behind S-4 and announced, “Hey, there’s an error, of those 8 billets for Okinawa, 2 of them are for Hawaii!” “I’ll go!” I shouted! Who cared about Turkey when Hawaii was available! Smitty also spoke up and off we went a few months later, to spend 2 years of duty at what is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Continue Reading »