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Andy Stern is a communist boob.


Already cited as the most profligate visitor to Barack Obama’s White House, Andy just can’t stop bragging on his Twitter account about all the lobbying he is doing for the socialist cause.  The big problem for Andy, besides a running mouth, is that he never bothered to register as a lobbyist.

And, oops, that’s illegal!!

From Hot Air:

At 9 am ET today, Americans for Tax Reform and the Alliance for Worker Freedom will deliver a letter to both chambers of Congress and to  US Attorney Channing Phillips in Washington DC, demanding a federal investigation of Andrew Stern, president of the SEIU.  They will claim that Stern, who stopped registering as a federal lobbyist in 2007, has continued his lobbying efforts.  They claim to have compiled evidence of Stern’s lobbying from the recently released White House visitor logs, media reports — and Stern’s own Twitter feed, in what has to be a first for the social networking service.

Read the whole thing here!

Here is another excerpt:

Failure to  register as a lobbyist is a criminal act, which could result in up to five years in prison and a $200,000 fine.  But beyond that, wasn’t this the administration that was supposed to be the most transparent in history, and the one that would not tolerate lobbyist influence?  Didn’t anyone at the White House ask whether Stern had properly registered as a lobbyist when he was showing up every ten or eleven days in the West Wing?

Let’s see how the Adminstration and the Congress handles the case of their favorite Purple People Beater!

They better lay in a supply of these signs!

Warning-SEIU Members Attending This Meeting

Andy Stern image from Urban Grounds.


SEIU Ballot Fraud

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SEIU: Democrat Senators Will Pay The Price

Andy doth protest too much!

ACORN, SEIU, Working Families Party – The triumvirate of corruption.

Plus:  Andy Stern should look in the mirror before he starts calling any American unpatriotic!

UpdateStern resorts to sending flunky to lobby, She’s not registered either!