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Word on the street is that AARP will be selling its senior citizen members down the river tomorrow by endorsing the Healthcare Plan before Congress.

Don’t let the AARP aid and abet the destruction of American Healthcare just so it can profiteer from selling additional Medigap Insurance policies after your Medicare Advantage policies are taken away by government fiat.

There are at least three alternatives to AARP, dump the socialist enablers and get a responsible advocate!

60 Plus Association

American Seniors Association (ASA)

Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

And call AARP to tell them to expect your torn up membership card in the mail!

We have not lost in NY 23, the war is not over, we have just begun to fight and we are finding our way!


The Revolution was not won in a single day or a single campaign.

Every battle taught lessons that made the colonials better, more determined, fighters.

NY 23 will be in play again next year along with many other Congressional Districts in New York.

Let us take the lessons learned here and apply them everywhere across the state.

  • Do not let nominations go unchallenged.
  • Fight for principle.
  • Know the issues that are important locally as well as nationally.
  • Never, ever, give in.

Now go and celebrate the huge victories in Virginia and New Jersey and carry the fight to Washington this Thursday!

Then return and we shall go to work for next year.

A good after action analysis of the NY 23 election is hereMore here and here.

Doug Hoffman’s message to supporters.