Stick It To The Bigot: James Carville

James “Snake Head” Carville, the venomous Democrat political hack, has gone ape over the Tea Party movement’s success in backing Doug Hoffman in New York.

Carville Angry 2In a fund raising letter he manages to call Tea Party Patriots

  • wing nuts
  • lunatics
  • nut jobs
  • right wing fringe

While the ostensible target of his rant is Sarah Palin, he saved all his vitriol for Tea Party Patriots.

His bile knows no bounds when he confronts serious opposition from every day Americans worried about the course to disaster being piloted by his party.

Here are some excerpts:

Remember all those socialist-hollering, Glenn Beck-worshiping, tea party wing nuts from this summer’s town hall meetings? If Sarah Palin gets her way, one of them could soon be a member of Congress.

With Sarah Palin out there raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to stack Congress with those tea party lunatics,…

Help us raise $500,000 in response to Sarah Palin’s fundraising for the tea party nut jobs.

Send a message to Sarah Palin and those tea party nutcases who think they can retake Congress.

Let’s send the snake a message that his venomous vitriol will be answered by the sweetest revenge: Victory in Twenty Three!

Let’s get Doug Hoffman elected and then parade that victory in Washington on Thursday with Rep. Michele Bachmann on the steps of the Capitol!


  1. ladybard

    Someone send snakehead an exorcist!

    Sarah – you go girl – all the way to the White House…!

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