Scozzafava Endorses Democrat instead of Conservative

Heh, it looks like Newt Gingrich picked another Arlen Specter!


Scozzafava goes to bed with the enemy!

Endorses Working Families Party Candidate, goes with Union roots over Republican sensibilities.

It didn’t take long for the RINO to show its true colors!  We’re waiting for her to break out her ACORN T-shirt next.

Fox News report is here.

Watertown Daily Times report is here.

More here and here and here.

The Other McCain has been working this story all night.

The Lonely Conservative asks “What did the White House Promise?”

Now comes word she is doing robocalls for the Democrat.

Michelle Malkin calls the GOP Establishment “Suckers”!

Gateway Pundit reports that Chuck Schumer was in on the fix.

ACORN involved in Scozzafava betrayal of constituents.

More at Gateway Pundit.

It is time for the New York Republican Party to throw her overboard if it hopes to retain a shred of crediblity!


  1. 1 Hmmm....What was Dede promised by the White House? | The Lonely Conservative

    […] a real piece of work, that one. I hope the New York GOP is paying attention. It’s time they dump Dede and stop allowing her to pose as a “moderate” republican. She’s not a moderate […]

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