Obama Zombies at Halloween Parade 10/31/09

The Obama Zombies were joined by the Nobel Prize Committee and the Media Zombies for the raucous Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village last night.

Led by the Big O, the zombies spread Kool Aid through the masses of unsuspecting sheeple!


The media zombies lured the unsuspecting into the trap.


The Nobel Prize Committee, early converts to the Obama Zombie Nation, joined us in the march.


An early victim was Andy of Blue Collar Corner who was snared before the evening even got rolling!

For more pictures go here!

The People’s Cube was there too!

A report on last year’s parade is here!

Everybody is trying to get into the act!

  1. ladybard

    They’re coming to take me away. I’m laughing hysterically in a very staid place in Ireland…a place where the NWO zombies have chewed up and spat out their sense of humor…

    too bad.

    Well done, Reynolds, Dan, Tom! Well done indeed! It’s become a Hallowe’en classic.

    Love you guys! And gals! Especially the one with the powerful camcorder!

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