Victory In Twenty Three!! Scozzafava Throws in the Towel

Breaking News from Upstate!

Dede Scozzafava has quit the campaign for Congress in NY’s 23rd Congressional District.  That leaves it a two man race between Doug Hoffman and Owens.  This can only be good for the Hoffman campaign, and it is certainly a victory for the Tea Party movement.

Time to break out the banners, Victory in Twenty Three and bring them to Washington on Thursday!!

Hat tip: The Other McCain

Here’s a video:

More here.

RNC throws support to Hoffman.


  1. licrimlawyer

    This is great. I went on the Fox News website and linked the article to Facebook.

    For what it’s worth, here is what I posted on Facebook:

    This is the beginning. The RINOs are on the run and the Tea Partiers have scored their first victory. Hopefully, it will also be an electoral victory on Tuesday. But, even if the Dem squeaks through on November 3rd, Michael Steele, and the rest of the Republican establishment, now know that they cannot take any wild… eyed liberal who happens to be registered as a Republican and run them for office. (Actually, they can do whatever they like. But, if they want to win elections, they had better start showing that they have principles–and that they stand by those principles.)

    As I understand it, the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman, is an accountant. Lord knows we need someone who can balance the books in that puzzle palace on the Potomac. Finally, I want everyone to know that I happen to be a registered member of the Conservative Party, the folks who put the RINOs on the run in the North Country.

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