Hoffman, Owens, Scozzafava Debate

The only 3-way debate between the candidates for the NY 23rd District was held tonight.

Doug Hoffman Debate

It took place in the News 9 Syracuse studios which are outside the district, but a major media hub for the area.  News 9 anchor Dan Cummings was the moderator for the one hour session.  He appeared to be well prepared and evenly balanced in his questions of all the candidates, I rate his performance an A.  There were some sensitive areas that were not touched, such as abortion, and that is a drawback for Hoffman who is the only pro-life candidate in this race.

There was an initial incident when Doug Hoffman’s microphone was not functioning when he gave his initial statement, it was interesting that it only happened to him, the last candidate to speak.  He continued without pause which was a plus in my eyes.

Owens and Scozzafava are obviously more comfortable in public speaking than Doug Hoffman as would be expected from their professions of politician and lawyer as opposed to Hoffman’s career in accounting.  For myself it was substance over presentation that was important and I thought Hoffman did well, a B+.  Scozzafava did very well on the background issues facing the district, but since it is her judgement and liberal leanings which are in question, one has to ask whether knowledge of the issues, without a strongly principled background, would lead to the best solutions.

Owens spoke well, but it was obvious he was just toeing the Democrat party line.  In favor of Pelosi-care, stimulus spending that provides no jobs, earmarks, etc…

I have to say the candidate who most likely improved their image in this debate was a tie between Hoffman and Scozzafava.  That will be unfortunate of it sways any voters to back her over Hoffman.

For video of the debate go here.

The Lonely Conservative has a link to a post debate interview with Doug Hoffman!

Tonight former NY Governor George Pataki endorsed Doug Hoffman!

Great Video of the endorsement speech!

Meanwhile, a Beltway staffer type was videoing license plates at a Doug Hoffman event73Wire‘s Ali Akbar caught him in the act:

And a report on Doug Hoffman at the Plattsburgh Chamber of Commerce Breakfast this morning:

Update:  See our video on Rick Lazio confirming he will run for Governor of NY State!

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