Newt Gingrich: A Second Letter


Dear Mr. Gingrich,

I have had enough.
You have the audacity to complain about outsiders meddling in the electoral affairs of New York State and yet you are doing exactly the same thing.
How hypocritical can you get?

But that is not what lit my fuse.
What lit my fuse was your inept bungling about the realities of politics here in New York State.
You look at New York State and see New York City and assume the rest of the state is exactly the same way.  You look at the RINOs that have controlled the party machinery in NY State and assume all New Yorkers are like them.
Well here’s a wake up call for you.  It’s not and we’re not.

New York State is about as politically diverse as it is possible for a state to be.  Yes we have the far left bastions residing in New York City, but we also have great swaths of the state that are as conservative as anything in your native Georgia.  Would you compare the politics of rural Georgia to those of downtown Atlanta?  I think not.

Then don’t try and summarize the politics of rural NY in sweeping generalities about the liberal Republicans you know from this state.  They are the product of a broken Republican Party which has done more to destroy its own credibility over the years than anything we can do in opposition to it in a few short weeks.

We are in the middle of a conservative revolution for the Republican Party in this state and you, a supposed conservative, are fighting on the wrong side.

We will win our war with or without your meddling, but don’t expect us to look kindly on those who aided and abetted our opposition whether they are Republicans or not.

For me, I’m going to keep RINO hunting with my Tea Party friends.


Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles


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