Doug Hoffman supported by Right Principles

This should get the Democratic National Committee’s knickers in a knot!  And maybe worse in RNC and NRCC circles!


My friend and fellow patriot, Bob MacGuffie, of Right Principles, who the DNC chose to lambast as the secret head of the Tea Party movement, has issued a rousing endorsement of Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 race:

There comes a time when any political movement must stand on principle.  This is one of those times. That is why Right Principles is proud to contribute $1,000 to the campaign of Doug Hoffman in his pursuit of the Congressional seat in the NY 23rd District.

For too long have the Republican Party professionals, in pursuit of their own narrow professional interests, used and then abandoned its most loyal segment: the Conservative Base.

Every election cycle Republicans come before us and, in the name of pragmatism, demand the Conservative Base abandon its most cherished principles so that “the lesser of two evils” can be elected.   All the old clichés are trotted out: half a loaf is better than none; at least the candidate is a “fiscal” conservative; the Party needs to attract Independents; the Party can’t win with “only” the Base; the Party needs to appear bi-partisan; once the candidate is elected he can be “pressured” to “move right” and, of course, he’s better than the Liberal candidate.

The theory is very elegant, but with certain exceptions, the theory doesn’t often work out in practice.

We are told that that “moderate” candidates should be nominated and that the Party must compromise to win election; yet when we followed this advice in 1976 with Ford, 1992 with Bush I, 1996 with Dole, 2006 with the Republican Majority Congress and 2008 with McCain, the Party not only lost, but lost across the board.  When we stuck to our principles, in 1980, 1984 and 1994, the Party won smashing, landslide victories.  When we equivocate as in 2000 and 2004 we were rewarded with costly, razor thin “victories”.

So the question arises: just what positive advantage is there to nominating Republicans In Name Only?  RINO candidates like Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel and Dede Scozzafava have routinely abandoned or betrayed us on a host of issues from tax cuts to illegal immigration to Health Care to protecting the unborn.  Turncoat RINOs like Specter and Jim Jeffords, take Republican money and support to get elected and then join the Democrat Party!

Dede Scozzafava is everything a liberal would love: in the words of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin she is an “ACORN loving, Big-Labor Backing, Tax-and- Spend Radical in GOP Clothing”.  Scozzafava is a strong supporter of abortion rights, the $780 billion dollar bailout and the trillion dollar stimulus package that EVERY HOUSE REPUBLICAN VOTED AGAINST!  She is so far left she has, as Malkin points out, “embraced the ballot line” of the socialist Working Families Party that is closely affiliated with the corrupt ACORN .  The far left blogger Markos Moulitsas of “The Daily Kos” fairly fainted with praise for her saying the she “is to the left of most Democrats on social issues.”

Because Party bosses are more concerned with loyalty to each other than to the voters whose concerns they arrogantly ignore, Right Principles urges ALL REPUBLICANS to vote for the only legitimate CONSERVATIVE choice: Doug Hoffman.

Doug is supported by the Club for Gowth, conservative Republican Senator Fred Thompson, and one of the most successful and consistently loyal conservative voices in this country: one of the authors of the 1994 Contract For America, Dick Armey.  Like Dick Armey, Doug  Hoffman is also consistently conservative on all-important issues.

Right Principles recognizes that the fear of “splitting the ticket” and insuring a Democrat win is a legitimate one for many voters.  However, whether this is true or not in the main, it is certainly NOT a specific concern in the NY-23 election because it is clear that there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between Scozzafava and her liberal Democrat opponent Bill Owens.

As important as it is, Right Principles believes this is more than simply an election to send a Conservative to Congress.  W e believe it is time to show the Party Bosses that unless they cease nominating RINOs like Scozzafava and start respecting the desires of the Republican Party’s most loyal voters, CONSERVATIVES WILL NOT ONLY NOT SUPPORT THEM , BUT WILL SUPPORT CONSERVATIVE ALTERNATIVES LIKE DOUG HOFFMAN!

In the N Y-23 race principle and pragmatism come together: win or lose, Conservatives must prove that we have the strength and will to take a short-term loss for a long-term gain.  We must make the Republican Party Bosses realize that unless they satisfy OUR demands they will NEVER win.  If we do not take the Republican Party back, it will be reduced to permanent second party status… and a second party that stands for nothing at that.

Therefore, Right Principles is proud to support Doug Hoffman and urges ALL conservatives and ALL those involved in the Tea Party / Town Hall Movement we are a part of to work for and contribute to the Doug Hoffman for Congress campaign.

This is the first battle in the war for the Republican Party’s soul; whether it ends in victory or defeat…



Bob MacGuffie
Right Principles

Amen, Bob!

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