Health Care Debate: One Patriot Among A Moonbat Swarm

The National Issues Forum held a Health Care Forum at the Henry Wallace Visitor Center in Hyde Park tonight.

Henry Wallace Visitor Center

Health Care Forum-Hyde Park

Our Dutchess County GOE Coordinator, Dennis, a former Marine, took the opportunity to take the battle right to the enemy.  He registered to attend and was placed on one of the panels examining the issues.  The reason why individual initiative to face the opposition is important will become immediately apparent from his report:

The health care forum at the Henry Wallace center at the FDR national site in Hyde Park was a National Issues Forum Institute event in which Various proposals about a topic are presented to the public in attendance for them to debate and come to some form of resolution. The topic tonight was Health Care reform. Although they claim to be non partisan, the only proposals they presented were those espoused by the left. No where did they present any of the proposals put forward by the more conservative members of Congress. They knew nothing of Health Savings Accounts. That changed tonight.

About 30 people attended. We were broken up into 2 groups to discuss the 3 proposals to reform health care. I was the only non moonbat at the forum so my work was cut out. At least half my group was pro Obamacare and tended to gang up on me. I don’t want to say that I dominated the discussion but being the only non-Koolaid drinker there I quess I spoke more than anyone else. I know I was able to make several of them think and in fact the moderator mentioned that I made some very interesting points. The reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal came over and asked my name which tends to suggest that the puff piece they were going to print about “reform” will at least have some balance.

I believe that our objective: to deny them a puff piece and get our position out there was successful.

Excellent work, Dennis!

The Poughkeepsie Journal has a story here.


  1. nyceagled

    Thank you for being there – and great job!

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