Kirsten Gillibrand and George Soros Front Group Planning Session


Kirsten Gillibrand had a Tele Town Hall meeting today.  But her constituents weren’t invited.  Instead she listened and talked to the minions of George Soros’ MoveOn.Org.

I guess the Senator believes in Pay to Play.  Donate enough money and you get access.  All you poor plebes who object to or question her determination to ram through Single Payer Healthcare and Cap and Tax can go pound sand!  Luckily an intrepid patriot gained access and sheds some light on the backroom machinations!

They HATE that we call it Cap and TaxSo make sure you use that terminology whenever you can!

They also hate it when we point out that it amounts to a $1,700 tax on every family, rich or poor, so make sure you stress that!

They claim that Cap and Tax will add “green” jobs!  Heh, that is nothing but a joke, the rosiest estimates for any state was 40,000 jobs as a result of Cap and Tax.  A far cry from the millions of jobs we’ve lost as a result of this Congress’ and President’s malpractice!

They are going to claim that we are in a race for a “green” economy with Red China!  They are going to try to compare it to the Space Race.  The chinese are leading them on in order to destroy the U.S. economy.  How do they propose to verify that China is actually doing anything at all to “green” their economy when all evidence, including skyrocketing petroleum purchases, show they are not?

The MoveOn drones have signed on to a letter writing campaign to flood the newspapers with diatribes in favor of Cap and Tax.  So be prepared to write letters in opposition, pointing out that Cap and Tax is a $1,700 tax on each and every American family.  In fact, prempt them and start writing your letters to your newspapers now!  Beat them to the punch!

Remember,  Gillibrand has an ‘open door’ policy for socialist groups like, ACORN, SEIU and WFP while patriots questioning the direction she, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are taking this country are locked out!

Gillibrand is on record as supporting ACORN, being one of only seven to vote to keep ACORN pimping!

Gotta Love The Village Voice’s take!


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