AAR – Tea Party Patriots v. Pete Seeger in Nyack

Tea Party Patriots gave Pete Seeger a wake up call on Sunday!


Dozens of patriots turned out to counter the Pro-Obamacare concert that the old time commie and his socialist friends held in Nyack.

The lefties were upset, trying to get the patriots removed from the park, then trying to taunt them into a confrontation.  None of their tactics worked and the media gave our side the opportunity to speak their side of the story!  But not our media, only the foreign media seemed interested!  LoHud News interviewed our folks but then left them entirely out of the story.  You have to look at their photo album to learn that there was opposition!

Health care rally 10-04-09

Luckily, The Red Squirrel was there to tell the truth the News Suppression Media won’t!


More great photos here!

Here’s the video.  Gets a little lively at the end!


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