AAR – Plattsburgh Healthcare Town Hall

Upstate New York Tea Party (UNYTEA) held a health care Town Hall in Plattsburgh on Sunday.

The Democrat candidate for District 23 was a “no show”. He appears to be taking lessons from other Democrats who have been avoiding any public discussion of their plans to have government take over our national healthcare industry.


Conservative Doug Hoffman and Republican Dede Scozzafava showed up.

Many have commented that the Republicans could lose this Congressional seat for the first time in history because of the split between Republicans and Conservatives in Upstate New York.  Here is my opinion on the subject.

As far as Conservatives are concerned, the district has been lost for yearsJohn McHugh was a RINO, who paid for his appointment as Secretary of the Army by voting for the Cap and Tax proposal put forward by Nancy Pelosi.  With him gone the Republican leadership in the state put forth Scozzafava as a candidate to replace him.  Unfortunately, she is more liberal than her Democrat opponent.  She is exactly the wrong candidate to run in a conservative district.  Worse, from my perspective, is she was endorsed by the Working Families Party.

Anyone who has read this site knows about the triumvirate of corruption in New York State, the ACORN-SEIU-WFP axis, which is so mired in voter fraud and corruption that no conservative should ever vote for anyone who has ever been endorsed or supported by them.  We have had stories on their malfeasance here, here, here and here.  If you take their money or endorsement then you are guilty by association.  There is no other way to put it.

The Democrat candidate, Owens, has been endorsed by SEIU, so he is also tainted with the same stench.

The only candidate who has not been involved in that quagmire is Doug Hoffman.

More here, here and here.

And a video from the Doug Hoffman campaign:

Update 10/15/09:

Thompson is closing in on Scozzafava!


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