ACORN Thrown Out By IRS

Holy Tax Fraud!!


The IRS has decided to terminate its relationship with the criminal enterprise ACORN!

ACORN tries to spin the fact that it suspended some operations a few days ago into it severing ties with the IRS, but the IRS quickly set the record straight:

IRS spokesman Terry Lemons had a different take: “We announced last week we were conducting a thorough review and today we terminated the relationship. We stand by our statement that we terminated the relationship.”

More than a little credit is due to for their continuing series of exposes on ACORN

No credit is due to the junior Senator from NY Kirsten Gillibrand who voted to keep ACORN pimping!

This is the second federal agency to cut ties with the ACORN crooks.  The census bureau took the leap almost two weeks ago!

Remember what the well dressed ACORN activist might soon be wearing!

Acorn-RICO Shirt

Sweetness and Light has more on the tax liens Louisiana has been filing against ACORN, $1.5 million so far.

The NY Post has more in:  ACORN: Tax Cheat


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