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I don’t know who Sophia Elena is, but I sense someone who has a career as an honest journalist if such a thing is even possible.

I discovered her work because she covered the ‘other’ March on Washington, the one orchestrated by Organizing for America, the Obama astroturf organization, which took place on 9/13 the day after the 9/12 March on Washington.  Naturally I assumed she was one of ‘them’.  I was wrong.

I assumed the video presentation techniques she used, such as speeding up the moonbats’ march around a circular fountain was designed to make their meager numbers seem more impressive.  I originally wrote:

They speed up the video of the group walking around the cricular fountain in a futile attempt to make it seem more impressive!  The same people appear three or four times!  Epic Fail!

I no longer think that.  I do think that the speeded up film served to make it even more obvious that it was the same group of people circling round and round the fountain endlessly.  It parodied their efforts in comparison to the 9/12 march in which the same device was used to compress an hour and a half of video into the ten minute envelope that YouTube requires.  Listen to her commentary.

Here are the two videos, Moonbats first.

The Organizing for America march is simply pathetic.  It would have been better if they just canceled it.  We had originally intended to counter protest it, but in retrospect, we would have so badly outnumbered them that it would have appeared like we were bullying them.  Better to have this video to laugh at and compare their astroturf to our own efforts.

Now here is the 9/12 March on Pennsylvania Ave from a perspective very similar to my own film.

Here you can see the massive numbers of people marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.  No repeats.  No recycled people.  All grassroots.  And this is only half the march!  The commentator even echoes my own remark that she had never seen so many people in one place.

So, Sophia Elena, whoever you are, I salute the great service you did for the cause of free journalism.

For more coverage of the 9/12 March go here.

Barack Obama thought he would give a speech touting his health care takeover plan at sleepy Hudson Valley Community College in New York State today.

Tea Party Patriots lined the roads to greet him!

Feeling that he had not been shown enough love on his arrival, they decided to do the same when he returned to Albany International Airport for his flight back to Washington!

Joan reports:

We arrived early and were able to get in before the streets were closed. There was a large group of Code Pink (all dressed in pink with their Pro Health Care signs. Our group kept getting bigger by the time Obama was to arrive. We had a group who drove in from Rochester. They had about 20 people with them. I would say we had about a hundred of us total. The crowd may have grown before we moved on down but we stood out a lot more with our yellow flags. Maybe 200 lined up along the path until I moved down closer to the entrance.

We decided to spread out so our flags would be everywhere (unlike the code pink crowd who all stood together) After he came to HVCC a few of us decided to drive over to Albany County Airport and see him off. We had a nice lovely line of yellow Gadsden Flags along the area his group drove by (Someone said he was looking the other way) and then the plane flew over.

Patriots came from across New York State on short notice to be there!

Eric mentions this encounter with the bused in astroturf:

I was able to observe a lefty organizer instruct the youth that were brought in. They had blank stares and fidgeted with the Obamacare signs they were doled out while a group of us Gadsen carriers, much older, stood streetside and calmly spoke of the nature of the government affairs and how the knowledge of history had urged each of us to act before the nation was lost. Their conductor returned and herded them off to a place where we would no longer be any influence over them. We were sure they were listening very closely so our job today was more fruitful than expected. There is still no joy on this road but it can easily be followed by anyone seeking the truth.

More photos here!

Excellent work, NY Patriots!

Senator Orrin Hatch blasts Obama’s speech:

“As has been happening so often since this new Administration took office, we are unfortunately seeing a big gap between the sweet sound bites and the bitter reality of the President’s proposals.”

Invitation Only Event disses students.