Outstanding!  Awesome!  Beyond My Wildest Expectations!

March On Washington 9-12-09

Only three things marred the day.

  1. One of our ladies was arrested Friday night (no she was not filming yet another ACORN expose) and we spent all of Saturday in court trying to get her released.  It was 7pm before that happened and the march was over.  Luckily the court was only two blocks from Pennsylvania Avenue so we were able to take walks down during the delays to take pictures and video.  This incident will be the subject of a future posting.
  2. Someone in DC government issued a permit for a marathon to be run in streets adjoining Freedom Square.  I guess they never thought that the number of Americans who could possibly object to our government’s ‘March To Socialism’ would ever exceed the square’s capacity!  Epic Fail!  When irate marathon organizers tried to get folks arrested for crossing the street they stepped beyond the limits of decorum.  Blame Government, Not Conservatives!
  3. The mainstream media followed the lead of the Associated Press and reported thousands and thirty thousand as the number of marchers.  The above photo is from AP itself and puts the lie to their own crowd estimate.  I understand the DC Metropolitan Police estimated the size at 2.2 million.  They reportedly shut the Metro and closed interstate exits into the city due to the congestion.  Associated Press Lies!

I got a call from my brother who reached Freedom Plaza about 9am.  The Plaza was full to overflowing and people were backing up on all the side streets around.  I began to see that as we passed on our way to court.  The Plaza, Pennsylvania Ave and E Street were jammed full of people.




The crowd was alread spilling into 14th Street and the situation on 13th was much worse!

Some boob in whatever department issues permits in Washington had issued a permit for a marathon on E Street and 13th Street for the exact same time as the Tea Party rally and march!

The marathon organizers were livid that mere common American citizens were spilling over into their sacrosanct venue.  They were busy trying to get police to arrest anyone that stepped foot into the street!  Unfortunately that was the only way many people coming to the rally could go!  If the Metropolitan Police had tried to enforce even a little of what the marathon organizers wanted they would have had to arrest thousands and the epic riot that would have ensued would have been one for the history books!

My brother called me about 9:30 to say that the police were no longer able to handle the size of the crowd and that the march was beginning an hour and a half early to help clear the square!

Jim sent this photo from the Marriot Hotel looking down on Freedom Plaza about this time:

Freedom Plaza

And they Marched!


And Marched!


And Marched!





They came by state, town, large groups and small.  Individuals, couples and families.  Americans, Russian immigrants, Cuban exiles it made no difference.  They all had one overarching theme:


We happened to be standing in front of this building, the Newseum, whose inscription of the first amendment fired up the crowd as they marched past:


Here is a taste of what the march was like!

The March lasted for over two and a half hours from curb to curb along Pennsylvania Avenue!

Here is a link to hundreds more of my picturesJoe has more pics from the same location!

More great photos here by Mommy Life!

A report by Toni of Merrick.

Our friends at Numag put together a great overall video:

Here is a report on their excellent interviews with people at the Capitol!

John at Radio Free Dar al Harb has more video on the street and at the rally.

Atlas Shrugs notes Doctors on the Mall!

Our friend El Marko has more at Looking At The Left!

Bubba checks in with a great report and video:  The Patriot Tsunami!

The best Panorama shot of the Day is here!

More Excellent Photos are Here!

An Excellent Analysis of the size of the March is here:


The Silent Majority has outstanding pictures here, here and here!  Their great videos are here!

Here’s One, the CNN bus fiasco!  Hiding the crowd by filming from the other side of the bus!

The Band of Mothers has a report with pictures here.

And now, for some comic relief!

Here is the Organizing for America response on 9/13 when they ‘organized’ their March on Washington!

I’ll give them a break and guess that they may have had 200 moonbats present.  They speed up the video of the group walking around the cricular fountain in a futile attempt to make it seem more impressive!  The same people appear three or four times!  Epic Fail!

  1. Splash

    Great post! There is nothing like picture to fight the Lame Stream Media!!

    Not Time Has Been More Important!!

    Stand up and fight or watch your FREEDOMS die! Do not let the forces of O-botics sway you. They will stop at nothing, programming their drones to ridicule US and alienate US and bombard US with misrepresentation, half-truths and out and out lies. They will attempt to distract US with attacks on “You lie!” or that we only want the status quo. They will try and trick US into thinking that because insurance companies take advantage of US, somehow, SUDDENLY, their government can be trusted! It is ALL Diversion intended to take the focus of The Big O and what Liberalism is after: Perpetual, uninterrupted power to corral the masses with collectivism at will! DON’T LET THEM!!

    This is about Control. Control of power. Control of money. CONTROL OF US! And the only obstacle standing in their way is US!!!

    No Submission. No surrender! No Health Care Deformity and NO LIBERALISM!!

    The Obama Express derails here and now! Time to disembark!!



  2. ladysforest

    It was a fantastic day. We arrived at 10:00 and I stood in front of the White House visitor for about 45 minutes watching and listening and wondering. And what a wonder it was! There were people from every age group, every walk of life (most appeared in middle class range-DC isn’t cheap after all) and utterly serious about getting their message across. I saw a tremendous number of elderly folks who walked the same route as the young. I walked alongside of an elderly fellow who had a cane, took tiny steps, and stumbled badly every third or fourth step. But he was there. And he marched.
    Every once in awhile the crowd would begin to chant or roar somewhere in front of us or somewhere behind and the sound would build and build rolling towards us, then you are engulfed in this tremendous wave of enormous sound. I will NEVER forget that, it was exhilarating beyond my ability to convey.
    If anyone doubts the numbers were at least a million, then they are in the deepest and strangest denial. How can the pictures lie? The MSM will diminish us at every turn, but THE PICTURES DON’T, CAN’T, and NEVER LIE! Folks started to slowly filter out around one o’clock, increasingly through three o’clock. At four the event was over, and I think close to 2/3 of the crowd was still there. And just for the record: very few people were “dressed in colonial costumes”. That is also something the pictures can prove. You see there are some reports that “most were dressed in costumes”. Another clear attempt to diminish and dismiss.
    I had been a bit worried about attending, but am so happy I went. I will never forget how friendly, helpful and full of good fellowship everyone was. Every person you saw was a friend you knew well for that one day, and for that one day I was blessed with over a million good friends.

  3. I feel ever so blessed to be a part of this movement…More so this day. I met so many new patriots, from all corners of this Country. Every single person said the same thing, they were here because they Love their Country and they do not want to loose her!!!!!

    I stood on that stage and looked a the crowds and keep saying OMG… they are still arriving…and that went on for hours. The only way I can explain the view from the stage was it was like watching water flowing over a waterfall–the people never stopped coming towards the stage.

    That being said, it was the first time I was not in the middle of the event. I was a bit upset to have missed the actual event from the ground. I am so grateful for all the pictures people have taken. Thank you!


  4. karenfromny

    Here are the videos from the “March on Washington” on 9/12/09 they I took. We are part of the Long Island Tea Party of Massapequa, New York.

    • nycoordinator

      Great videos, karen.
      I really like the first one the best, showing the patriots in the predawn light waiting for the buses!
      Excellent work!!

  5. PCL

    Happily more proof of America’s ‘freedom of speech’. Sadly, also more proof of Americans’ growing inability to apply ‘critical thinking’ to a subject.


  6. Awesome can I link to this?

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