We Elected A Blackberry To Congress?

We’ve all heard about the Teleprompter (TOTUS) but in New York we have elected a Blackberry to Congress!

Watch as he reads most of his responses from his device!

One would almost think it was controlling him… or is it?

More than 750 constituents turned out at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY.

Stephen T (who took the videos above) wrote:

I got there fairly early around 6pm, the first 10 rows were already occupied by Hall supporters with ‘Thank You’ signs. Early on there was what I believe an organizer for the Hall supporters going around with a clipboard of ideas for questions etc.

One thing I noticed is that the Town of Bedford official in charge of choosing questions from the stage mentioned that he couldn’t see far because of the lighting, how convenient. Much of the Hall supporters were robotic and had little passion, some appeared to want to drag out time with long readings, Hall was good at milking the clock with drolling stories and reading from the smart-phone.

I would say the crowd may have been at least 60-70% against Hall/Obamacare but vocally 95%. The Hall supports early on were trying to ‘shh,shh’ the crowd but they imo lost the will and it was no longer their meeting.

More here:

Meanwhile irate constituents were complaining about the remote locations and short notice of the two Town Halls that Congressman Hall deigned to have.

Media report with video and pictures is here.

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