No 1st Amendment at Tom Duane Town Hall

Free Speech for Me But Not for Thee.

We’ve known this was the mantra of the left wing for a long time, and we’ve had many instances where moonbat nutjobs have interfered and even assaulted our folks who have attempted to document their antics.

The Town Hall for NY State Senator Tom Duane is a case in point.

NYS Sen Tom Duane with flag of one of his favorite groups in rear

NYS Sen Tom Duane with flag of one of his favorite groups in rear

The Red Squirrel managed to gain entry (even though the event was advertised only to the far left groups that support all the socialist causes).  She sat in the second row right next to their own photographer.  As soon as she brought her camera out and held it up, one of the moonbats assaulted her.  Not once, but twice!

She writes:

Sat in the second row beside their cameraman. I was quiet….but, I was punched by one lout hard (twice) going on a third telling me to put my camera down.  (Take note: I had been very careful not to reveal camera until St. Sen. Duane was on the floor)  After all, it’s not like I didn’t expect to be told NO First Amendment rights for Repubs, and the theatre personnel kept trying to tell me there were no cameras allowed (like I’d fall for that one.)  Hello?!!! this is a Town Hall …a Public Meeting!  So I kept up with the mantra:


Since I didn’t cave, the theatre personnel walked away (I was not being QUIET regarding my harassment). But whoever Punchinello was, this guy remained irate that I was filming and said he would punch me again if I lifted my camera up one more time. When I told him to LAY off me. He finally gave up, shut up and sat quietly in his seat. (that was a first)

Read the whole thing here with pictures and video.

  1. Hey Buddy,
    Hit your site while searching for Rhinebeck, NY tea party. I have several blogs up and would like to exchange links.

    We all have to work together. Pick and choose.
    Bob A.

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