Tea Party Patriots Rock Bayside!

Bayside was rocked on Saturday as Tea Party Patriots, outnumbering the Obamaturf supporters by 3 to 1, got the message out about Obamacare being the death knell of American healthcare exceptionalism!

Phil writes:

Over 75 showed up at Ackerman’s office from our side and 25 from thier side! See socialist’s printed signs as the camera pans to them, they look like they want to go home. A fight broke out between two elderly ladies but was quickly brought under control and good spirits prevaled. The paid socialists left promptly at 2PM but we stayed until it started raining. A great day in American history. Jody the organizer desrves a lot of credit for her first event.

Great Work, Jody!

  1. 1 City Council Candidate Dan Halloran « Gathering of Eagles: NY

    […] Dan Halloran has been active in the Tea Party movement.  He MC’d the Healthcare Town Hall that was held in Bellerose and was one of the organizers of the Healthcare Tea Party protest outside Gary Ackerman’s office in Bayside. […]

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