Remember 9-11 For the Brutal Attack it Was

Do you remember?

The morning of death from the skies, the towering infernos, the innocent leaping to their deaths to escape the flames, the faces of the brave firemen rushing into the holocaust to rescue those trapped above, never to be seen again?

You should.

or Visit 911 Never Forget which has a permanent location on our sidebar.

Now the Barack Obama Administration and the willing accomplices of Congress want you to forget.

We can Never Forget.

Trying to convert the remembrance of September 11th into some smarmy community service holiday is a direct affront to the memories of those heroes who gave their lives in attempts to protect the innocent.  It is a concession of victory for the Islamofascists who brutally killed our countrymen.  It is yet another display of the weakness of Barack Obama and the Congressional stooges who are promoting it, they are prepared to accept defeat over victory.

Weakness begets Terror.

More here.

The Lonely Conservative weighs in.


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