The monument restoration is complete!


Today, the Gathering of Eagles took part in the annual memorial service at the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn.

The Society of Old Brooklynites has been holding this memorial service every year for over a hundred years.  Forgotten by all but a few, this service honors the first POWs this nation ever had.  Over 10,000 patriots lay entombed in a crypt beneath the memorial column.  Their sacrifice helped secure the creation and future of our great nation.

This year’s memorial had one great improvement over last year.  The restoration of the 148 foot tall monument has been completed, allowing the ceremony to take place at the base of the column where it has been held for many years.

For those who want to know more about the Martyrs, the most authoritative book on the subject is Forgotten Patriots by Edwin G. Burrows.

A very good short background article was published last year here.

This year’s keynote speaker was David Ansel Weiss, himself a WWII Navy veteran, columnist for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, who talked about the history of the monument itself.

Part 1

Part 2

The New York State Coordinator for the Gathering of Eagles spoke about the spirit of the martyrs and how it is evident in the Tea Party protests of today.  He is followed by Mike Spinner, President of the Society of Old Brooklynites.

More videos:  Bagpipe before ceremony, Completion of Bosun’s Ceremony.

More Photos of the event are here and here.

The official photo gallery, featuring the excellent photography of Cindy Spinner, is here.

A few samples of my pictures:




A special Thank You to Mike Spinner and the entire Society of Old Brooklynites for keeping the memory of our forgotten patriots alive!


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