Senior Citizens Dumping AARP

Senior Citizens are nobodies fools and they are fed up with the lies coming from the Barack Obama administration and their own American Association or Retired People.  Lies you say?  Well someone has to be lying when the President states that the AARP supports his health care proposals while the AARP states that they haven’t endorsed anything.  Given AARP’s proclivity to supporting radical left positions, I’d bet that they are more likely to be muddying the waters in hopes of deceiving their membership.

Exposed by videos like this:

(featured in our post: It is Past Time for the AARP to Die)

The arrogance of the AARP and the way they take their membership for granted has led scores of seniors, 5,000 just last week, to cut up their AARP membership cards.  The stampede to ditch AARP has gotten so wide spread that it has become newsworthy!

If you are a senior looking for an alternative to the AARP here are two other organizations which may better value your opinions and interests:

American Seniors Association (ASA)

Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

We have added links on the sidebar so access to these organizations will be available here at all times.

Hat Tip:  Instapundit


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