A Matter of Trust

If our representatives and media cannot talk about Town Hall meeting encounters without spreading vicious lies about their constituents, then how can they expect Americans to trust anything they say about Healthcare, Cap and Trade, Stimulus spending or any other subject?


Bus-ted… The AP Smears Anti-Obamacare Protesters– Says They Were Bussed In to Meetings

Nancy Pelosi: I See Swastikas From My Bunker! Updated 8/12/9 WhiteHouse Lies!

Barbara Boxer: I See Well Dressed People From My Ivory Tower

Geraldo Loses It… Compares Tea Party Protesters to Violent Brooks Brothers Mob Who Stole Election for Bush (Video)

Of Course. Obama Busses in Supporters at Grand Junction Rally Too

Vilification of Ordinary American Citizens like Katy Abram:


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