Harlem Business Owner Opens Fire in Self Defense. Two Perps TitzUp.

A 72-year-old Harlem business owner used a shotgun to blast four men who tried to rob his restaurant-supply business Thursday afternoon, killing two and sending two others to the hospital with gunshot wounds, the New York City police said.

Shotgun Ejects Shells

The police said that the four would-be robbers entered the business and announced that they were robbing it. One of them took out a 9-mm pistol and started to pistol-whip a 33-year old employee inside the store. The owner then took out a shotgun and opened fire, striking the four men.

A third man injured in the shooting walked into St. Luke’s — which is about 12 blocks to the south of the business, in the Morningside Heights section of Manhattan — with gunshot injuries. The fourth man was found nearby with gunshot wounds, the police said.

Nearly two hours after the shooting, the body of a dead man lay on the sidewalk, its upper half covered in white plastic. The man wore gray pants and white shoes. The sneakers pointed up.

Now the really stupid part:

It was not immediately clear whether the owner had a license for the shotgun.

This is America.  The Constitution has the second amendment.  Why in God’s name should anyone have to have a permit to have a rifle or shotgun for self defense?

Full Story here.

Video report here.


  1. Les

    That is points for the good guys. It is about time people start standing up to protect themselves, their loved ones and property and the government needs to get out of the way and let people do what they have to do. The police are not going to be there when you need them. people have to have the right to protect themselves by any means necessary. The people need to start pressuring the politicians for more leeway in self defense situations.

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