Obamabots swamped by Tea Party Patriots Again

A few Obamabots tried to mount a counter protest to a planned Tea Party in Huntington on Long Island last Saturday.

Compare and contrast the opposing sides.

First, Tea Party Patriots on just one of the four corners they occupied.


Next, the sullen look of an Obamabot on the one corner on which they had a small presence.


Notice the nice pink pre-printed signs by…hmmm…Planned Parenthood, another beneficiary of stimulus bill largese.  Now they have come full circle from promoting abortion to euthanasia just as we were warned they would.  Oh, and look how many of those signs are sitting around unused!  One Obamabot was overheard mentioning to another that they only get paid until 2 o’clock!  Imagine that!  Nothing like a paid grassroots movement!  Can you spell O-B-A-M-A-T-U-R-F?

Real Patriots:









And we have video!

Great Job, Patriots!

Evidence of more Obamaturfing here.


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