SEIU Propaganda Machine Swings Into Action

How brazen can you be in trying to cover up the thug behavior of your membership?

SEIU sets the standard.

Here is the original video of the assault by SEIU thugs on a black conservative in St. Louis:

Here is the edited SEIU version which begins at 1 minute into their video:

Trying to portray themselves as protecting America’s traditions when they are the violent thugs that would destroy them.  The only traditions they seem capable of upholding are those of the fascist brownshirt thugs.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

Keith Olberman echos the lies and makes up a few new ones along the way.

More SEIU violence.

The Democrat “Listening Tour” Continues!

SEIU Thug is Service Director of local 2000 and a Baptist Minister!

Obama is PAYING the thugs and activists!

Make a Buck, Sell Your Soul!


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