CCCnP Smothered by Tea Party Patriots in New Paltz

Continuing the string of victories against the Obama bots harping nationalized health care, Tea Party Patriots took to the streets in left haven New Paltz, NY today and again, on short notice outnumbered the minions of the CCCnP.

Pam writes that 20 patriots faced off against 4 Obamanauts and a dog!

It was unclear why the dog would associate with lower life forms like that!

Some video:

Pam writes:

The video didn’t turn out very good.  I was too far away and we were stretched along both sides of the entrance to the mall.

They (the CCCnP) were supposed to be there at 11:00, but I wasn’t aware of any of them until about 11:30.  They probably saw us and went “Uh oh what do we do now?” They individually tried to “engage” us.  There was a particularly nasty one with a dog.  I handed a few of them my cards.  One asked if I’d like to organize a “forum or town hall” style debate and I simply said “no”.  I have no time for these types.

They were all aging hippie types.  Finally about noon, we were down to about 6 folks (yea Victor!) on one corner and they got their little signs and staked out the other corner.  I figured our job was done….and called it a day.

Oh, and the CCCnP (Amazingly familiar acronym there…) supposedly stands for the Coalition of Concerned Citizens of New Paltz.   Sure it does…

Chalk up another Tea Party Patriots victory!


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