AAR: Hands Off Healthcare Friday

We started the day outside Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s office in Garden City

Outside McCarthy's Office

We were joined by tenants and employees from that building!  Security wanted us gone, and when we didn’t immediately comply they called the police.  The police officers were understanding and after they had a few conversations with the owners we were allowed to stay!!

Then we ‘moved on’ to Sen. Schumer’s office in Melville at High Noon.


There we joined hundreds who just kept coming and coming!  An outstanding turnout!

Rich Casebolt posted this comment:

I stood — once again — with DanNY and my fellow citizens at Sen. Schumer’s and Sen. Gillibrand’s Long Island offices. As the pictures show, it was a sight to behold.

While I had to get back to the office, many of my fellow citizens turned this into a Traveling Tea Party … heading east, to Rep. Steve Israel’s office in Hauppague, then on to Rep. Tim Bishop’s office in Coram.

If nothing else, our Congressional delegation knows we mean it when we say … SILENT NO MORE!

And, as Glenn Beck says, we are not alone … in our disgust with and opposition to the arrogant elitists who think they have a birthright to rule as our “betters”.

We surround them.

And that is becoming more and more evident, with each Tea Party, as the numbers increase.

My pictures are here.  All mine were taken at Schumer and Gillibrand’s offices.

Here is a report from The Silent Majority with tons of pictures and several excellent videos!

A few more photos here.

Conservative Society for Action video!

A series of 11 videos covering protests outside Schumer’s, Gillibrand’s and Steve Israel’s offices are here.

Excellent video of McCarthy and Schumer office behind the scene action

Another video:

The Campaign for Liberty has a video up:

Outrageous Treatment of Constituents!

A good roundup of other actions around the country is here.

The Socialists are showing their stripes!  The House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee voted along party lines not to include the Heller amendment which would require proof of citizenship for healthcare coverage.  The Democrats want those 12-13 million illegal aliens to get a free lunch! Of course the rest of us will have to pay their bill.  Gateway Pundit has the scoop!

  1. quiterightly

    Fantastic work! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been linking to your site in some of my blog posts. I’m leaving this comment because I haven’t figured out how to ping back to you. That will come in time, I guess.

    You can see the post here: http://quite-rightly.blogspot.com/2009/07/healthcare-tea-party-chuck-schumer-and.html

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