You can have my Cigar or Cigarette when you can pry it from my cold dead fingers

With the threat of imminent death hanging over their heads on a constant basis, our troops find what pleasure they can in whatever ways are not outlawed by military rules and regulations.  This has been a tradition for ages.  From cigar smoking General Grant to Marines smoking Lucky Strikes on god-forsaken atolls in the pacific to Marines smoking in Al Anbar province in Iraq.  Now some pantywaists in the pentagon want to outlaw all of that.


Their knickers are all in a knot becaue smoking might be harmful to the soldiers health.

When these back bench generals get their lard asses out and face the suicide bombers, drug crazed jihadists in house to house fighting, Iranian made IEDs and the assorted other dangers the men on the front lines face every day, then, maybe, they can make stupid rules like this.  By then they might not want to.


For the rest of us, we’ll continue to support our troops in any way that matters most to them, including cigars and cigarettes so they can relax off hours like this.


Pentagon PC Pantywaists be damned!

Blackfive posted on this yesterday.

CJ’s take as a confirmed non-smoker is here.


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