AAR: New York City Tea Party 7/1/9 Updated 7/5 w/Video


Hundreds turned out tonight for a tea party in Times Square!


While not the thousands that turned out for the April 15th party, it was still a respectable showing for a midweek rally during a holiday week.


Excellent speakers, excellent signs and an enthusiastic crowd led to the party extending an hour past the scheduled end time.

I finally got to meet Margaret Hoover, great granddaughter of the President with whom my great uncle worked to improve Pan American relations.  Relations that our current president is damaging.



New York’s Finest did an outstanding job with crowd control.  The tourists and passersby were extremely supportive, and everyone appeared to have a great time!

More pictures here, here and here.

Some more excellent photos are here.

The Village Voice has a report here.

The Berman Post was also covering the story.  Good photos!

Right in the City and Rosita the Prole were there too!  Rosita has some video clips.

Rosita raises some excellent issues about the event hereThe gist is that no one laid out an effective plan of action for what to do to actually throw the bums outWhat was needed was a speech like thisThe energy of that speech led to this.  We need to start doing this to all of our representatives who have collaborated in selling us out.

Fox News did a bunch of interviews with folks in the crowd I’ll post any links I find.

Instalaunch! Ok, Glenn, now I can take back all of those puppy blending thoughts I’d been having! Thanks!

The Conservative News Intelligence Network is getting videos up now.  Check back as they add new ones.

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade finally got their report up to go with their pictures.

TeaParty365 now has links to pictures and videos.


Glenn Beck showed a clip also

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