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High Noon in Albany!


Liberty Starts Here Again!

The time for action is now!  Press demands to stop irresponsible spending in Albany!  The coup in the New York State Senate provides us an opportunity to press our demands for fiscal sanity on the new leaders of the Senate!

Who: NY Tea Party Patriots

What: March on Albany

Where: East Capital Park, Albany, NY


When: High Noon, Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 12-3pm


New York State Tea Party Patriots
Bring your hand-held signs, your tri-corner hats, your voice, and stand up for Liberty!

Click here for helpful tips and directions for making your protest signs.

An amazing day in Albany today as the Republicans stage a coup to grab control of the senate back from the Democrats.

Read all about it here.

Part 1

Part 2

Hat Tip:  Conservatives4Palin

Conservatives4Palin is covering Sarah Palin in Washington here.

Gateway Pundit covers the socialist counterattack on Good Morning America.

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Sarah Palin autographed baseballs at Yankee Stadium today after taking part in an autism awareness walk in Westchester.  After the game she traveled to Long Island to receive an award from Independent Group Home Living (IGHL).

Newsday has a picture gallery here.  Getty Images has various photos here.

News12 has a good video report here.

Excellent coverage at Conservatives4Palin.  Although they may want to note that proper english would dictate they change the title to Barracuda on Long Island.  But even then that would be incorrect since two of the three events took place on the mainland.

Heh, while searching for photos and videos I came across this cool music video.  Hat Tip Why Mommy is a Republican


We had the opportunity to support the Rolling Thunder NY 3 Memorial Ride to Highland Falls (West Point) today.

It was a beautiful sunny day and hundreds of bikes rolled into the quiet hamlet after passing through West Point.

Mayor Joe Donofrio did a superb job as master of ceremonies.  Some veterans from Montrose and Castle Point attended as well as many townspeople.  Bagpipers led the West Point Color Guard down Main Street to the Flag suspended by a West Point Fire Department tower ladder.

Excellent speeches by Gary Scheffmeyer, President of Rolling Thunder, Dave Hansen, President of Rolling Thunder NY 3, a WWII POW veteran and others were warmly received by the crowd.  Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan were applauded.

It was another beautiful, patriotic day in Highland Falls!

After the service the Bikes rolled out on their way to Stewart Airport where Rolling Thunder NY 3 had the Moving Vietnam Wall assembled.

Links to pictures are here.

Updated 6/6/9


One of our favorite Blue Star Moms is visiting New York State this week.  Sarah Palin, her husband, Todd, and daughter, Willow, as well as her sister, Heather Bruce, and nephew, Karcher Bruce, are in Auburn, NY, for today’s Founder’s Day celebration.  Auburn was the home of Secretary of State William Seward, who, in 1867, arranged the purchase of Alaska from Russia.  Though widely derided by Democrats at the time, the purchase has turned out to have been an astute move securing untold resources for the United States.  It certainly provided one of our most popular governors.  This year marks Alaska’s 50th year of statehood.

Sarah Palin and her family visited the home of Harriet Tubman in Auburn and then traveled to Seneca Falls to visit the National Women’s Hall of Fame and Women’s Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls, NY, on Friday.

Today, Saturday, Sarah Palin will take part in the Founder’s Day Parade and then speak at noon on the steps of Auburn City Hall.

News reports are here and here.

A photo gallery is here.

Here is a first person account of her visit in Auburn on Friday.

For more details on Auburn’s planned festivities go hereHere is a map of today’s activities in Auburn.

The Seward House has a website here.

On Sunday, Governor Palin and her family will take part in an Autism walk in Purchase, NY, and will receive an award on Long Island from the Independent Group Home Living Program in St. James, NY.  Rumor has it she will also attend a Yankees game with former NYC mayor Rudy Guliani.

Update 6/6/9

Palin New York

The reports are coming in about the Auburn Parade.  News 10 has a story with video here.  the Associated Press story is here.  An excellent blog report with pictures and video is here.  Another blog report with excerpts from her speech is here.

The Post-Standard has an excellent report with video of her speech and links to photo albums here.

One more photo from the Seward Museum.  Note her Blue Star pin.


Another blog report and a link to an excellent photo album!  Another excellent photo album is here!

Gateway Pundit has some good coverage here.

Conservatives4Palin has video of her second speech of the day during a reception at the Seward House Museum here.

For further updates on Sundays activities go here.

More videos of Sarah Palin in Auburn are here, here and here.


Another recent convert to Islam, Abdulhaqim Mujahid Muhammad, aka Carlos Bledsoe, decided to practice his knew belief in the “Religion of Peace” by emptying the magazine of his semi-automatic rifle at two American soldiers.  The two soldiers had recently completed Army basic training and were deployed back to their home town as part of the “Hometown Recruiting Assistance” program.  The soldiers were taking a break outside the doors of an Army/Navy Career Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, at about 10am, when the terrorist pulled up in his Ford SUV, unloaded his magazine, and sped off.

Private William Long, 23, of Conway, AR, was killed in the fusillade.  Private Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, of Jacksonville, AR, was seriously wounded.

Police apprehended the suspect on a highway overpass shortly thereafter and then executed a search warrant at his home.  They confiscated an SKS rifle, .380 semiautomatic pistol and a .22 rifle.

At an afternoon press conference, police stated that the terrorist attacked the soldiers for “ideological reasons” and “with the specific purpose of targeting the military”.  Left unstated was whether Bledsoe was converted in prison.

This is the latest and most deadly of a string of planned attacks on military personnel in the United States by Islamic fanatics.  We wrote recently about the planned attack on the Air National Guard in Newburgh, NY, and others have written about the planned attack on Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Our hearts go out to the families of Pvt Long and Pvt Ezeagwula, who were attacked not because of who they were, but what they represented, the best of America who would defend us against the evil represented in the murderous ideology that is being allowed to infiltrate our country through the prison system and through radical mosques.

More here, here and here.

Jihad Watch Update:  Terrorist went to Yemen for advanced jihad training:

I have learned from a well-placed source that Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, who killed one soldier and wounded another at a a Little Rock military recruiting center today, and who faces charges of terrorism as well as first-degree murder, has recently returned from Yemen, where he studied jihad with an Islamic scholar there.

Apparently the Islamic scholar under whom this American convert to Islam studied was yet another misunderstander of Islam’s true, peaceful teachings.

Perhaps it is time to take a closer look at all who have traveled to Yemen in the past seven years…

More updates here.

No statement from the White House on this domestic terrorist attack.

A milblogger asks “What is more important to President Obama?”

Not surprisingly, the main stream media is barely giving notice to this attack.