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How the Army will view a Secretary who bought his position by selling out the United States is quite another matter.

John McHugh sold out the United States by votiing for the biggest and most sweeping tax to ever be imposed on the American people.  Disguised as a cure for mythical global warming, the cap and trade bill will cripple our industries, small businesses and ultimately the public with a huge increase in costs for all forms of energy.

Here is John McHugh talking in front of the Council on Foreign Relations a few weeks ago.

In the video he claims “Nobody ever paid for my opinion”, probably true, but someone sure as hell paid for your vote, John.

So, we know what form his forty pieces of silver took.  Now lets see how he deals with people for whom honor actually means something.

Update 6/30/09:

The St. Lawrence County Republitarian writes McHugh a letter.