Tea Party – March on Albany- Updated 6/19/09

Today hundreds of Tea Party Patriots descended on Albany.

A News Report with video is here.  More herehere and here.

Another News Report video is here.  Good video and report here.

Nancy writes:

My guess would be about 800 attendees.  My sister and I took the Syracuse charter and I noticed buses from Rochester and Long Island.  I also saw signs for groups from Norwich and Watertown.

A Troy, NY reporter happened to stop my sister and me to ask a few questions about why we were at the March on Albany rally.  Lo and behold she actually quoted us (see troyrecord.com link below).  A four year boy led rally attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance – he was magnificent (see him in the video in the capitalnews9 link).  The woman who spoke in this video was from Rochester.

More pictures here.  Reports from Rochester attendees here.

Highlights Video below

Video Interviews with participants here.

More video here, here and here.

Rochester Conservative has a report here.

A great roundup of many of the speakers is here.

More photos here.

No roundup would be complete without this photo:



  1. rochesterveteran

    Thanks for spreading the word about the March on Albany, Dan! It was time well spent standing up for and speaking up for liberty, the American way of life and the Constitution. Plenty was said about the bloated and corrupt New York State government!


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