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Updated 6/6/9


One of our favorite Blue Star Moms is visiting New York State this week.  Sarah Palin, her husband, Todd, and daughter, Willow, as well as her sister, Heather Bruce, and nephew, Karcher Bruce, are in Auburn, NY, for today’s Founder’s Day celebration.  Auburn was the home of Secretary of State William Seward, who, in 1867, arranged the purchase of Alaska from Russia.  Though widely derided by Democrats at the time, the purchase has turned out to have been an astute move securing untold resources for the United States.  It certainly provided one of our most popular governors.  This year marks Alaska’s 50th year of statehood.

Sarah Palin and her family visited the home of Harriet Tubman in Auburn and then traveled to Seneca Falls to visit the National Women’s Hall of Fame and Women’s Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls, NY, on Friday.

Today, Saturday, Sarah Palin will take part in the Founder’s Day Parade and then speak at noon on the steps of Auburn City Hall.

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On Sunday, Governor Palin and her family will take part in an Autism walk in Purchase, NY, and will receive an award on Long Island from the Independent Group Home Living Program in St. James, NY.  Rumor has it she will also attend a Yankees game with former NYC mayor Rudy Guliani.

Update 6/6/9

Palin New York

The reports are coming in about the Auburn Parade.  News 10 has a story with video here.  the Associated Press story is here.  An excellent blog report with pictures and video is here.  Another blog report with excerpts from her speech is here.

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One more photo from the Seward Museum.  Note her Blue Star pin.


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