AAR Welcome Home Cpl Christopher Levi


Thousands turned out today to welcome home Cpl Christopher Levi who returned home after an extended stay at Walter Reed Army Hospital while he was fitted and trained to use his new prosthetic legs.  The Arrivals Terminal was a sea of American flags.  So many came out that  all the Patriot Guard Rider Region 9 flags were used as well as many riders’ personal flags.

The escort ride proceeded through a forest of flag arches erected by many volunteer fire departments and then through crowds of well wishers lining the road to his home.

Pictures are here and here.

Local News Report with video is here.

Video is here.

Newsday story is hereNewsday photos are here.

Another Newsday report is here.

Photos at the house are here.

CBS News report is here.

An Excellent Video of the entire motorcade passing under the Flag arches.

A few more outstanding photos are here.

A followup editorial on returning soldiers is here.

Another set of outstanding photos are here.

Excellent pictures from the Riverhead Fire Department.


  1. jumpseater

    Welcome home Christopher. I work for a charter airline that transports the troops. Thank you for all that you have done to keep this country safe. Get well and once again welcome home.

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