Matthis Chiroux – IVAW Rapist and Fraud

Take a good look at this picture of the IVAW rapist and fraud known as Matthis Chiroux.


It seems that Matthis has quite a bit less to his character than he shows to the dupes in the ‘peace’ community.  Matthis is all over the news and the left wing blogs today because he was issued a General Discharge from the Inactive Ready Reserve.  A General Discharge is considerably less than an Honorable Discharge which the vast majority of our soldiers earn.  But there’s much more to the story!

His ex-friend and fellow IVAW member Kris Goldsmith lets it all hang out:

This publicity stunt really pisses me off. First of all, a discharge from the IRR has nothing to do with the GI Bill. I’m disgusted by the fact that Matthis is getting this benefit, knowing how truly DISHONORABLE his conduct was, during and after his enlistment.

So f**k it, I’m putting the information out there so everyone else can decide how much of a HERO this LIAR is.

How many people know that Matthis is a RAPIST? Yup, I said rapist. He admitted to myself, and a few other IVAW members to raping a girl while on assignment in the Philippines, and blamed it- not on himself being a complete douche bag… But he said the military life had made it acceptable. I say fuck that, because my entire time in the military it was NOT ACCEPTABLE TO RAPE A WOMAN.

Matthis has spent money on drugs like COCAINE while living off the donations of peace activists and supporters. Is that what any of you donated for? Matthis has been accused of squandering donations in the past, and has shed the accusations because no witnesses came forward. I apologize for not coming forward before this, but I was there.

The truth is that Matthis has risked nothing, and he’s been shitting on the real Winter Soldiers, the ones who served our country when we were asked…

Matthis is an opportunist, a fake, a liar, a drug user, A RAPIST and far from deserving anything that labels his conduct as “honorable”.

By the way, most of Matthis’ “war stories” from his military career involved things like doing drugs and going to clubs in foreign countries while on active duty, while the rest of the Army was suffering through two wars- wars he didn’t oppose until he got activation orders. HE NEVER RESISTED ORDERS TO DEPLOY TO IRAQ.

He never showed up to duty, and therefore never took a risk. People who believe he’s done anything brave, simply don’t know the difference. He’s done nothing but gain from his time “struggling” while living off the kindness of peace activists, having the opportunity to travel the country, and at the same time pay for his too-big-for-a-college-student apartment in Brooklyn.

I’ve told Matthis that if he continues his statements about being on the “Moral High Ground” without letting the real truth come out that I’d come forward with this information. Well, Right-Wing-Bloggers, blog away! My name is Kristofer Goldsmith, and you can find me on facebook. If you want an interview, I’ll be answering any questions you have about the truth about Matthis Chiroux.

Needless to say this is causing an uproar within the ranks of the IVAW.  Calls for an internal investigation (read cover up) are already making the rounds.  Camilo Meija, Executive Director of IVAW is probably going to run a few progroms to weed out those few members who still value Honor over expediency.

A big Thank You to Kris Goldsmith for standing on principle.  We may not agree with him on many things, but on Matthis Chiroux, weasel, we appear to have found a common ground.  Another big Thank You to John Lilyea who has relentlessly pursued the IVAW and exposed their frauds.

Read the whole thing here!

More background on how this all unfolded here!

Many of these allegations (except the rape part) were previously reported here from another source.

Update! Pass the popcorn and watch the IVAW lie machine self destruct!

All Chiroux, all week long

  1. valor321


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing up against Matthis Chiroux. I’ve felt the brunt of his backstabbing, buddy-fucking tactics as well. There are more people in our position than you can imagine. This guy is by far the lowest, most degrading, disgusting and sinister individual I have ever come across. I sincerely hope it won’t be too long before other people realize, for their own well-being, the manipulative maneuvers he uses to get his way.

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