FBI Treats Tea Party Protesters as The Enemy


FBI: We squander our limited resources spying on patriotic American citizens.

Some very disquieting news is emerging about the work the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been doing in the past two months.  If the reports are true, and the Directorate of Intelligence has been covertly spying on the organizers of the domestic “Tea Party” movement.  Then Robert S. Mueller, III, should have the title ex-Director pretty damn quick.

In November, speaking before the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Mr. Mueller said:

“The issue we come back to again and again is this: How do we protect the country from terrorism while at the same time protecting our communities from crime?”

“The reality for the FBI and for each of your departments is that we must accomplish all these missions. And the only way to do that is through intelligence—determining what we know, what we don’t know, and finding ways to fill the gaps. Intelligence lets us target our finite resources where they will make the most difference to the safety of our communities.

“And so today I want to talk about the FBI’s intelligence capability, and how we are using the intelligence tools we built to combat terrorists and spies to also fight crime in your communities.”

Today we get word that Director Mueller feels that those finite resources were best used to launch a covert operation, away from the purview of local law enforcement, to monitor and record the citizen organizers and participants of the Tea Party movement across the United States.

In other words, citizens taking part in myriad legal local protests against runaway government spending were worthy of the full time and attention of America’s internal security apparatus.  Who made that decision and when did they make it?

If these reports are true, and I am sure the truth will shortly come out, then every single person involved in making these decisions, or approving them, or carrying them out, should resign or be fired.


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