Tax Day Tea Party Reports

Best New York Tax Day Tea Party Video:

For videos of many NY Tea Parties go here.

Here is a link for pictures of NY Tea Parties on Flickr.

Here is a report about Rochester‘s lunch time Tea Party by Chuck Simmins at America’s North Shore Journal.

The 40 who braved the cold in March for the Rochester NY Tea Party were joined today by over 1,000 more Americans fed up with politics as usual.

It’s sunny and in the 50’s with a brisk wind here in Rochester, NY. Three stops were planned for the Tea Party, a downtown park, the County Office Building and City Hall. About 600 at the park heard speakers and sang songs. They marched down a closed Main Street to the County Building for another rally and grew to around 1,000. By the time the marchers moved to City Hall, the crowd had swelled even further.

Here is a link to his pictures.

And here is an excellent report with pictures from one of the organizers of the Rochester Tea Party!  Beyond Our Wildest Dreams!

Here’s another Rochester report from Insight Analytical!  Here’s a video of the early crowd!

Here’s a page of raw video footage from the Rochester Tea Party!

Honeoye has a report here.

Here is an excellent montage of news reports about Albany!  Here is a blog report.

They even had their own fife and drum section:

More on Albany from Liberal Pinheads blog!  Lone Ranger Albany reports here.  Old Possum reports here.

Here’s a page with some Albany Tea Party videosAlbany photos are here and here (ignore the lefty comments)!

Albany media report is here!  A Report/Editorial is here.  A counter editorial is here.

Albany media report with video is here!

Fort Plain had a small Tea Party reported here!

Albion has a report here!  And another here!

Buffalo has a report here and again here.  Video in this report! Another Buffalo report from the Obamanation!

Hornell has a report with pictures here!

Even Jamestown, organized at the last minute, has over a hundred protesters!

Olean has a report here!  And another here!

Syracuse pictures at the Lonely Conservative!  Follow  her links for News coverage and video!  Another report is here!  Another report with video is here!  More pictures of Syracuse are here and hereSyracuse slideshow with comments for DHS!

Syracuse had another Tea Party at Long Branch Park, slideshow here!

Rome tea party has a great report and video here!  More Rome pictures hereMedia report for Rome is here!  Don’t forget to see the excellent Rome video that starts this posting!

Utica had a small turnout even though it is not scheduled until today!

Pittsfield has a report here!

Camden has a report here!

Milford and Norwich are both mentioned in this articleVideo and report on NorwichNorwich pictures hereBrief report and picture from Norwich!

Watertown has a report with pictures here.  Another report is hereVideo is here.

Here is an Outstanding Article which covers both Canton and Gouverneur!  Here’s another report from Canton!

Plattsburgh had a Tea Party also!  More pictures here!  A media report is here!

Chester has a report here!

Binghamton has a report and video here.  The report starts 1 minute into the video after the weather.

Corning has a report with video here!  More at Bread upon the Water. Yet another report with videoLegal Insurrection was also there!  Yet another report is here!  Corning photos are here!

Elmira has a report here!

Waterloo has a report here!

Fishkill (Dutchess County) has a report here!  Over four thousand turned out!  Another report with video and picture gallery here!  Investor’s Business Daily was there too!  The Poughkeepsie Journal has a report with pictures and video here!

Pictures from Fishkill, Port Jervis/Matamoros, Gardiner, Newburgh Are in this photo album!

Gardiner has a report here!

Kingston has an excellent video up here!  Here’s a report from Conservative Saugerties!  A Media report is here!

Durham has a report here!

Chester has a report with video here!

Nanuet has a report with video here!

White Plains has a report here! And pictures here!  Another White Plains report is here!  A blog report with video is here!

Hauppauge, Long Island, another great turnout!  Some videos are up here!  Another video!  A report on Hauppauge from The Right Revolution.

East Hampton and Massapequa are both mentioned in this report in Newsday.

East Hampton video is here!

Massapequa and Hicksville both have short segments in this TV report!

Massapequa pictures are here!

Here’s a video from Massapequa!

A runner up for Best Video!

A citizen journalist files a video report from Massapequa here!

Hicksville pictures here!  And a short video here!

Smithtown has a report here!

Tea Parties on the NY Border

Matamoros/PortJervis has a report here!  And a video here!

Staten Island has a report hereVideo is here!



The turnout for the New York City Tea Party was staggering!  No pictures that I’ve seen do it justice.  Estimates range from 12 to 20 thousand people!  Whatever the final tally, it was HUGE!  And they were all fired up!  Chants of “USA”, “We are America”, “Schumer’s Gotta Go!”, “Obama’s Gotta Go!”, “Reid’s Gotta Go!”, “Pelosi’s Gotta Go!” echoed in the canyons of Broadway!  Signs of every type and description were everywhere! I took only a few pictures which I haven’t uploaded yet, but there were scores of other bloggers there who recorded events!

Blog Reports:  Urban Infidel, Atlas Shrugs, Berman Post, Right in the City, Vinny’s Rants, American Solutions, Miss Theda, Red S.E.Cup, Right, Wing-NutThe New Clarion, Timothy Birdnow, The Impatient Patient, Alicia Unleashed, Alcove One, Vigilant Squirrel Brigade, Jenny Bea writes a report about Hartford Connecticut and New York City Tea Parties here.  Her pictures are here.  She is the young woman standing to my side in the picture above.

Mainstream Media:  CBS News,

Parcbench, the organizers, have a collection of pictures and video here.

Pictures:  Bob JagendorfRed Squirrel, Diann

Excellent Video:  The Silent Majority


While Connecticut is outside my area, I was pointed to this video report.  It’s from CBS so you have to discount the liberal propaganda that gets inserted at the end.

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