Elmira: Our Newest Weekly Troop Rally!!


The Marines have landed!  Our Marine Joe came to the town of Elmira a few weeks ago and saw… moonbats!  Being a veteran of our Nanuet Troop Rally and the great West Chester Troop Rally in Pennsylvania, he knew the antidote to such a brazen public display of surrender monkey ideology!

Gatheirng what he needed he set out to stand for our troops in defiance of the left wing loonies who had owned that corner in New York State for a long time.  Saturday marked the third week he has been there, and, as  the pictures show, he has been joined by other Patriots who only needed to be shown the way!

Kudos to Joe and the Elmira Patriots!

More photos here.


  1. phillyfilly

    Way to go Joe! Keep up the good work, and your Patriotic group is bound to blossom!!

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