Action Alert: Welcome Home Marines!


They spent Christmas in Iraq, let’s give them a rousing Welcome Home!

2/25 Marines Golf Company will be returning home from their second deployment in Iraq on Friday, April 10, 2009.

Troops are expected to arrive between 6pm and 9pm
Marine Corps HQ
1st Marine Corps District
605 Stewart Avenue      Here is a link to a map for directions.
Garden City, NY

Bring lawn chairs as the arrival time of the buses is uncertain.  Extra chairs if you can for the Patriot Guard Riders who will be attending.
From the Patriot Guard Riders’ email:

We will have a final Stage in the Roosevelt Field Mall Parking lot, on the South west corner of the lot, there is a lot between the 2 lanes that encircle the mall, with a KSU of 4:40 pm, for a short ride to the Unit. Be prepared for a potentially long wait at the Base, and if the cagers could bring some folding chairs, that would be GREAT! We should have some of the Reg 9 Flags there, but please bring your also, There is never a problem with too many flags, I am sure that there will be people there that would be glad to hold any extra’s!

One of the Marines coming home is Joe Cipriano, who’s mom is a Town of Brookhaven Representative, but Joe is also a Good friend of one of our own members, Jon Cade, aka Lil Jon, who will be escorting Joe back home to Medford, and you are invited and encouraged to join John and I in this escort. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can ride that evening.

As the man says, bring flags, welcome home signs, and some bottles of water.
I hope to see you all there!


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