AAR – Freedom Friday Tea Party Northport, NY

Crates of Tea float after being tossed into Northport Harbor

Crates of Tea float after being tossed into Northport Harbor

The Patriots of Long Island were out in force today, braving torrential rains and blustery winds to make a bold statement to our craven political class in Washington.

Give Us Liberty!

Liberty from Taxation!  Liberty from Venal Corrupt Politicians!, Liberty from Socialism!

Not one elected official was asked or allowed to speak.  Only ordinary citizens spoke about what the founding principles of this nation were, and how they have been corrupted today.

The party was capped off by a march onto the long wharf in Northport and the dumping of crates of Tea into the harbor!

Afterwards a boisterous crowd packed a local tavern and talked a bit of revolution!  There may also have been a few Long Island Iced Teas quaffed down!

It was a glorious day!

Pictures are here.  Additional photos in this gallery by Alice.

More pictures By Bob Slingo are here.

Pictures by Pamela are here.

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade has Outstanding Video!

More pictures on the CSA-1776 meetup group are here.

Newsday video is hereTheir story is here.

Another Newsday story is here.

Hah!  Even The New York Times had an editorial, however dismissive!

It shows that people are starting to notice.

Don’t Tread on Them

For a Smackdown of the Times Editorial read:

Merciless Mockery

For a background look at the planning for the tea party go here.


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