AAR NYC Tea Party 2/28/09

Photo from Berman Post Blog

Photo from Berman Post Blog

Several hundred people converged in City Hall Park this afternoon to protest the “generational theft act” aka “Porkulus”.

I arrived late after taking part in the Hanoi Jane protest earlier.  I didn’t have my camera today, but Tom had his and sent me the link to is photos and video.

A great set of Photos here.

The crowd was still milling around talking and getting used to the idea that many of them had actually taken part in a protest for their first time.  They were excited and animated.  I hope that they will keep up the pressure.  Congratulations to the organizers for throwing this together on such short notice.

Several NY Bloggers have reports and photos and since they were there for most of the protest I will let them tell about it in their own words:

Berman Post

Right in the City

Price of Nothing

Retake Education

Evil Conservative Radio

A Lean Right

The Catholic Libertarian

Additional reporting was done by:

The Village Voice

1010 WINS Radio

NY Daily News

NY Post


On Friday a Tea Party was held in Buffalo, NY.


Political Class Dismissed


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